Went in to the doc yesterday and the did some tests and decided what ever was ailing me wasn’t serious, just my gut getting straightened back out and not much they could do,,, I was feeling woozy, so she sent some nose spray home and told me to take sudifed as the wooziness was probably from the ear not getting drained out causing a block in me ear, causing the wooziness… took some spay and some pills last night, went to bed, woke up about 1 and was trying to scratch myself to death from itching, apparently  some of the meds caused a reaction, so i got up and took a steroid I keep on hand for when I do break out in a rash… finally quit itching and slept soundly for the first time in a long time… felt better this morning but could feel the itch coming back so took another pill for it and as the day has been going on I just keep feeling better… not sure why I break out and itch like this, have looked into it but have never found a reason for certain, allergic to something, but not sure what… guess I am just a tender little flower!

The new fuel tank came in so I ran down to Punkin Center and picked it up, ate at the Bull Creek and visited with some neighbors, best I could for not hearing worth a dang… fueled up Teddy and paid my bill at CBH… dang fuel sure eats up a lot of my money… should go to driving my team I guess… as ancy as they act when I feed, they ain’t getting as much work as they need… I wonder if it is possible to have a team that walks on a loose line and trots on a loose line when I want them too….

Up in the 40’s yesterday and today and supposed to stay that way for a spell. I’ll take it! Tate and Chance are supposed to head east to pick up a new used pickup for Tate. Older but sounds like it’s in good shape and the price is right… hopefully Chance and a buddy can get the old fuel tank off and the new one installed this weekend on the tractor… got two more loads of hay to come in and need that tractor for it to unload them… if I’d just win the lottery I could afford to have a better tractor!