Stupid bug!

Or whatever is amiss in my gut… no better today… we had a little excitement yesterday. The Tractor quit the other day, so chance and I were going to change the fuel filter yesterday… we did but couldn’t get it to bleed at the top of the fuel filter… a young neighbor had told of doing this and just putting the air hose from an air compressor on the fuel tank to build up pressure and push the fuel thru’ the lines… evidently we did something wrong as when we tried it, Chance blew the fuel tank up! Man, you should have seen the look on his face when that sucker went! Got diesel fuel all over his pants and clothes… I guess it wasn’t OSHA approved! At least on a cold non metal tank.  I called and have another used one on order, and also the little pump that helps to bleed the air out of the lines.. sure was happy he wasn’t hurt… heck if he gets hurt, who will I get to fix crap around here!

Cindy went along to feed bales today.. broke the other arm on my bale unroller yesterday, so we fed little bales, sure glad I had some on hand… I will have to weld on the arm tomorrow, I just didn’t feel up to it this afternoon.. supposed to go see the Doc on Wednesday.. thankfully it is supposed to warm up for the next several days, so I will feed good tomorrow and the cows will be on their own for Wednesday, unless I get done in time to feed them in the afternoon…

4 thoughts on “Stupid bug!

  1. We keep Imodium Liquid & Phenagan pills on hand just for such ailments. Hope ya get better. I blew up a gas tank on a pickup like that once. I learned a little less pressure & some time does the job…

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