Still winter

3 maybe 4 inches of light powdery snow out there this morning… Cindy and I went I to watch the bronc riding yesterday, ran a few errands and when we left about 10:30 there was just a hint of snow in the air, lights were all shining way up into the sky… the other day when I went to feed the cows, somehow we hit a bump and snapped off one of the arms to my bale unroller for the team… so I got a piece of pipe to fix it, if I can… the day before a tire rod on the tractor broke, so I got a new one of those, but just fed little square bales with the team today, sure was a lot warmer when I got done than when I started! I have the part for the tractor in the house warming up, it was under a load of pellets last night so didn’t unload them until this morning…  I hope to get both the wagon and the tractor fixed today, supposed to be colder tomorrow and down below zero…. chance for more snow…

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