Groundhog Day

So they tell me the groundhog saw his shadow… near as I can figure, if he sees his shadow it’s 6 more weeks of winter and if he doesn’t it means 6 and a half more weeks of winter…. depends on what you call spring.. around here, spring is usually more around the first of May… tho’ we can have some pretty nice weather and temps before that, but if springs means no more snow or cold, it really kind of stretches to the first of June… I’ve seen blizzards into May several times… Heck, after last October, I wouldn’t bet we couldn’t have one in July!

I got up early and rode to town with Cindy yesterday morning, dropped her off at work then drove dow to Rapid to meet with one of my pasture guys. we had breakfast, went dow to the Stockshow and just visited until everything opened up. I wandered around the trade show and saw nothing I wanted or could afford… got to visit with several artists at the art show and one  even gave me a couple of pictures she had done of Sam at the Artist Ride from a couple years ago…I was going to get a couple things done, but forgot them town folk businesses often close at noon on Saturday, so I messed that up… hopefully I can get them done on Monday as we are going back for the Bronc Futurity on Monday evening… we have to drive to Wall this evening as one of the guys who ran Wall Drug passed away.. He was only a couple years older than me and it was a shock, as was the passing of Sue Wallis. you might remember me telling of erecting a cairn ads a memorial to Rod McQuery last summer. Sue was his wife and the same age as me… sad… her funeral  was yesterday but I couldn’t attend as the latest grandson, Isaac ( who I call Eshak, after the Hebrew pronunciation of his name) was last night in Custer… Fr Tyler officiated so we had lots of the family gathered… we got home about 9:50 last night… after 4 hours of sleep that was along day… need to go harness up and feed in a bit… supposed to be in the 20’s today and then a cooling period… sure seems like winter is hanging on, but then it is February…  I bet it will be real nice around here come June!

4 thoughts on “Groundhog Day

  1. I think I can see that lovely weather in my dreams. Is it June yet? 🙂 Sorry to hear about Sue. Family time together is always precious! Yes, I think winter is going to hang on for a while yet!

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