Baby, it’s cold outside!

When I went out to feed this morning, it was 10 below and a lite breeze out of the west… the bale unroller held together, so I got them fed but the tip of my middle finger got very cold… sure have never found anything that will keep my hands warm and still be able to use them much, wish I’d have just worn my chopper mitts… bought some high priced gloves this winter that oil filed workers use, what a crock! 40 something thinsulate.. well, evidently I need 100 something tthinsulate!

5 thoughts on “Baby, it’s cold outside!

    1. Thanks but there is barely room for my fingers, let alone any hotties ad how am I supposed to hang on to the lines to the team… thanks, I’ve tried about every thing there is out there… mittens seems to be the most effective, but clumsy… Mike if it wasn’t for all the Libs, I could probably live where you do! 😀

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