Happy 2nd day of Christmas!

We had a wonderful day yesterday… all the children and grandchildren,Dusty and Tristin and Fr Jim came over after Mass and he’s hardcore, he hug with us until late into the evening! Lot’s of music and laughter! Fr Tyler is still here this morning… I have a new dog, a female that chance and hope picked up for me in Rapid the other night… I had called on an ad on Craigslist about one a few days ago, but they were all gone… the young lady who had them called me a few days later and decided to get rid of this one that she was going to use for the agility event where the dog runs and jumps and swims… but she said this dog wasn’t too interested and only wanted to go work stock… sounded like the kind I’d want… decided to try a female and if she turns out good enough I may get pups from her and Buck.. if not, I will just get her spayed… her name is Meg… she is starting to figure out that this is home and went along for awhile when I fed this morning.. the cows or Gus’s little dog scared her so she ran back to the house where Fr Tyler let her back in..I need to start taking her to Bud’s and get her going… for now she just needs to learn to be part of the family.. Oh, she is a Border Collie, of course… 😀  Warm wind blowing this morning.. We have friends from the east who are back in this country visiting family and they will follow Cindy home later and visit with us. Haven’t seen them in awhile but it is always a joy and we do keep in touch thru’ Facebook and calls..

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