Cool and chilly

Not real bad for this time of the year, but still…

Got the team and a saddle horse shod up with some shoes that won’t slip on ice… Laramie came and did it.. Cindy took off and took Spike to the vet as he has been having a few problems… sounds like they got it fixed up but Spike has to wear the collar of shame, as she put it… she ought to be rolling in any time now.. just got off the phone with a buddy done on the SD/Neb border and we had a big visit and filled each other in on all the latest we been up to and solved a couple of problems in the world.. got a load of small bales finally coming in in the morning… so I am getting better prepared for winter all the time and it looks like it’s here, so that’s a good thing… I picked up some rough sawn lumber I had a young feller cut up from some Ash logs the other day and left some more for him to cut up… took the trailer and picked up Pard from Dusty who has had him since summer… he rode him around bareback in just a halter and said he’;s gentle just a little spooky yet… thought about getting him shod for my winter horse but he hasn’t had much training with a rope yet so had Pilgrim shod instead…he’ll be ready to go when this ice clears away… probably shit this down for this year and see you all next year…  😉

2 thoughts on “Cool and chilly

  1. Sounds like things are pretty much the same, just like it is here. We have some snow and some real cold temps coming our way in the next few days. I will wish you a Happy New Year now, who knows if I will be near the computer tomorrow or not! I find that now school is done, I really don’t want to see a computer or paper and pencil! Tell Cindy I said Happy New Year!

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