A Blessing..

Just as every morning when we awake, the Lord has blessed us… this time, with a power outage…

Most probably would not see this as a blessing, no electricity.. how are we going to see, heat our homes, do the endless chores that must be done?

For me it gave me pause…

there was no need to hurry about getting a tractor going or rushing out to feed cows, as it was warmer and they have grass and bean to eat, so while waiting the return of electricity, I had time to play with 3 of my grandchildren who are here this morning ( their parents are off doing holiday work, and will return later) so I had plenty of time with little to no distractions from this modern world, no radio, no TV.. just a need for some lights so Grandma and I found matches and candles and went about lighting all of Grandma’s little Christmas figurines that have small candles to help them light up and glow…they set off not only light, but a warm glow which we all reveled in..just as a baby who was born so many years ago, set off a glow and then a bright light in this dark world, for us all…

I think the Lord planned this outage, special for me.. so I could pause, and reflect and forget about this world and think of that babe and what he did for us all… hope.

Hope and joy..

Here is hoping you are counting your many blessings on this day and try and remember to remember them, throughout the year to come..


Merry Christmas..

7 thoughts on “A Blessing..

  1. I’m thinking you are right! We sometimes get too upset over things like that! Am so glad Cindy had candles! I love candles instead of lights at Christmas. Enjoy!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. I always try to get the hubby to try to take a deep breath before he reacts,(sometimes it works and other times, not so much!). The best thing in life is having the ability to hopefully enjoy just being alive and healthy and being able to be with family and friends. Hope you, Cindy and the family have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. Merry Christmas, we should all slow down and take a few minutes to count out blessings. We had dinner with our daughter and family this evening. They are farmers and just found out there orange grove has the green blight in it and they have to distroy the whole thing, over 6000 trees. They were not moaning why this happened to them but what they would do with the land next, maybe plant a new grove and wait five years before seeing a crop. They still are counting there blessings and praising God.

    1. Thank you all… Ellie, that is terrible, hope they find something better than what they had in the past, would there be a market for the wood from the trees?

  4. Our son in law is a very hard worker and he will just replant and start over, he also grows sod and landscaping plants so they still have work and money coming in.

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