Somewhere below zero this morning… my new Chinese made thermometer had some snow on it so i couldn’t read it very well… Rod Nelson posted it was 40 below up in NoDak where he lives.. that is chilly, I don’t care who you are…I finally bundled up and went out to feed and it wasn’t that bad as there was just a slight breeze out of the south…team started right up, didn’t need to plug them in or use starter fluid…Tate and Kass and kids were out yesterday for Arrabelles 3rd birthday.. we also ran all the new cows thru’ and marked their ears.. thank goodness we didn’t try to brand them, we need a bigger and longer chute for quite a few of them, dang modern big cattle… mostly pretty nice cows and they didn’t fight or get wild…one or two were a little put out but mostly they had a good attitude… when I got out to feed them, some of the new ones were headed west, must have heard the neighbors tractor and decided they were tired of waiting for me… so I had to haul part of a bale clear to the south west corner to feed them… then Cindy and I ran to Punkin Center and mailed a package, ate a bite, bought some stuff and came home… she had plans with a couple other merry elves and they took Christmas presents to some of the older folks around the country… supposed to get up in the 40’s in a few days… I can hardly wait!