More haulin’…

Took off this morning and stopped in Sturgis and had them mount the new tire and rim on my trailer and put a new tire on the other side to match, headed to Belle and stopped in where i left the logs to see how the guy was getting along with making lumber out of them… he’d cut one but broke a blade and was sharpening another one.. headed out to the sale barn, picked up the last , load and came home as I was supposed to get a load of small bales in… he left a message he would come next week as he had too much snow and ice to load and get away from the stack…I found some more hay and made a deal to take a load of big bales and got several other deals in the works.. I just came in from feeding… Tate, Kass and kids are coming either tonight or tomorrow, for Arrabelles birthday and so the boys can mark these new cattle for ownership… might just ear notch them for now and wait for nicer weather to brand.. Mass this evening…

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