Chance and Tate went out on the miserable day yesterday and ended up getting some cows bought at a fair price… much higher than usual, but then every thing is higher and sounds like they got these bought right for what they are… so I went and fed this morning and then stopped at Punkin Center as I had a tire going flat on the trailer… turns out there was a leak in the rim, so they put a tube in it…dropped of a Christmas present I been working on, trying to surprise someone… then headed out… Dean drove his pickup and trailer… we got to Belle and ate a bite then took some logs to be sawn into boards, went and picked up 2 loads of the cows and came home…. got  them unloaded and fed them some hay… the float got knocked off the tank last night so I had to fix that this morning and now we have a lovely skating rink out where the cattle walk up to drink… I’ll go back in the morning and get the other load… there were eough that we couldn’t haul them in two loads very handy, especially on slick roads…I guess if i wasn’t such a weenie and didn’t worry about flat tires and not being able to stop we could have gotten them in two loads… but better safe than sorry, in my book… supposed to have a load of idiot cubes coming in tomorrow afternoon, so Iwill have to hustle…

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