Another wintry day

Cindy’s car thermometer sez it’s 20 above… real good brisk wind coming from the west northwest…I lured the cows into the corral with some hay, locked them in, saddled up ol’ Beav and sorted off the butcher steer and the little bull… well, actually I had to rope the little bull as he wouldn’t sort and didn’t drive worth ahoot on the end of my rope so me and the Beav just drug him into the corral with his mama bellerin’ and followin’… got him tangled up and down, stepped off, throwed my slack off the horn as I jerked the loop off his neck then got him sorted off from mama…he has the butcher steer and the team and Beav for company and I imagine mama will stick around the corral bellerin’ for him for a bit… we need to get these other calves run thru’ and stick blabs in their noses one of these days, but they are mostly all later calves and their mothers look good, so they really ain’t hurting anything yet…left the tractor shut off after cleaning snow this morning but plugged in, it started right up and never even had a hiccup so I don’t think we need to replace the fuel filters…. Chance can if he wants, he needs a tractor to feed with this weekend, I can feed with my team and if he don’t want to use them he can fight a dumb ol’ tractor… I ain’t going to! I got some idiot cubes ordered in but they won’t be here for a couple weeks…I have enough snow moved around these stacks I believe I will be fine if my bale unroller for the team don’t break down and if it does, at least I can get into the welder in the shed to fix it.. life is good…now, on to some leather work…

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