Cowboy Christmas Ball

Well, it’s in the books for this year. I went up Friday afternoon so we could rehearse…had a great bunch and we worked at getting it right late into the evening, then on Saturday at 1 pm we kicked it off… had a nice crowd, almost all the seats were full… then I went to the motel and picked up Cindy, we went back to the venue at Deadwood Mountain Grand and ate a bite and on to the evening performance… great crowd and there was a live and silent auction. Paul Larson who heads it up told me later we raised more money than the past years and everyone he talked to said it was the best one so far. Hope I get to go back next year…on Sunday morning Cindy and I went to Spearfish and listened to Fr Tyler saying Mass then on to Wyoming to wish Marie Packard a happy birthday. She lives at Pine Haven, next to Keyhole lake and they’d had a big party for her the day before. We had a great visit and then headed back to SD. I went to Belle to get a new tank heater for the tractor as Chance had told me over the phone the one we’d put on was not working, we’d put it on backwards the first time I guess and ruined it..I also got a new bigger and better battery we ought to be set for the next crisis.. Cindy helped me put the new one on this afternoon, so I will hook it up tomorrow and see if it’s working.. don’t really need to use the tractor and haven’t fed any hay the past couple days as it’s been in the upper 30’s to lower 40’s… supposed to stay this way another day and then drop into the zero range for a night and part of a day and then back to the 20’s…I found a guy with a sawmill to cut some rough 2 by 6’s or 8’s out of some ash logs we have so will take them to Belle on Thursday and go to a cow sale, Tate is wanting to buy some and Chance needs to buy a few more also.. I need the lumber to replace the runners on my bob sled…they need to be 6 to 8 foot long, but I will use what I can get, for no more often than I use it.. I worked on leather most of the day today and need to stick with it, Christmas coming and all..oh, and I got me one of them big thermometers that look like a clock so now I will know just how cold out it is! Not sure if that is a good thing or not!

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