Off and running…

We pregged on Wednesday and then Thursday and Friday I went north to help neighbors wean and vaccinate their calves…today is opening day of deer season, Tate, Kass and kids are out… I fried up a bunch of bacon and made eggs for any one who wanted some…now Tate is out putting shots on paper. probably scaring all the deer in the neighborhood, but hey, at least it puts them on notice they better watch out! And makes a hunt much more thrilling, as the deer will be more aware… sure glad I ain’t a deer !

We need to sort off the dry’s and the culls and start hauling them to the salebarn, was going to do it tomorrow, even if it is Sunday, but there is some snow supposed to come in tonight and colder and high winds tomorrow, so maybe we will do it this afternoon…

Here’s some photo’s from up north, yesterday…

IMG_20131115_091609 IMG_20131115_091906 IMG_20131115_091942 IMG_20131115_084244

3 thoughts on “Off and running…

  1. Y’all are one busy family!
    Don’t think I would want to be a deer either. When I use to live out in SW Texas we use to hunt. Didn’t have to buy any meat except chicken. We could fish so not fish buying either! Miss those days! Enjoy and thanks for sharing!

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