Shippin’ time..

Well, we got the calves sold today… we kept back a few of the painted ones and some smaller ones… about like we always do… they weighed about 30 or 40 pounds more than last year, I am sure because they were Char X… sold real close to when they told us they would and sold well, so we are happy…9200 head there today and they was slippin’ them thru’ is a fast pace… nice to go to a sale and see some smiles…everyone was asking neighbors from far away how they’d come thru’ the Atlas storm and grimacing at the stories they heard… one older couple who Chance is friends with and their son and grandson, he asked them how they’d come out and between them and two sons they lost 80% of their cows and 70% of their calves… that is a blow that is hard to recover from…. prices seem good but then every thing we buy has gone up a bunch or more so it’s really about the same or worse… my land taxes went up 20% this year… but then hell, if ranching was easy everyone would be doing it…

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