Opens and culls

A neighbor helped me to day and we hauled all the opens cows and the cull cows to Phillip for the sale tomorrow…one young cow jumped over the side of my trailer loading set up… guess it’s time to make it higher and better…we will go to the sale tomorrow to watch them and maybe buy some for Chance and Hope, if we see any they want and can afford… bred cows are kind of pricey it seems, but then if you was selling them they’d be too cheap! Had a couple new friends show up on Saturday looking for a place to hunt.. I told them to come back on Sunday and when Tate was done we’d take them around.. not a lot of deer around… they got a nice doe and either passed up or missed some shots at others… they were happy. One is a Highway Patrolman/game warden in Alaska… nice guys and the other delivers and installs granite counter tops and he donated a counter top to be auctioned off at the Ranchers Relief Concert this Sunday we are a part of, with Dave Stamey at the Historic Homestake Opera House  in Lead…that was sure nice of him…the other feller left us some salmon fillets… so I have plan to have Brad smoke them for me…

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