When you find something you really like…

You keep trying to find more of the same. So it is with my little Suzuki outfits. They are my favorite version of a four wheeler… granted, they can’t go a few places that some of these ones designed only for that purpose do, but on the other hand, you can drive them down the road 55 to 80 mph, tho’ I would discourage anyone from exceeding the speed limit… I have only done it on rare occasions, like in emergency’s and what not.. and of course testing to see if a vehicle will go that speed in case I need to in an emergency! 😉

So… I have had two so far, Sorrely and Purple… ( I am not real imaginative at naming vehicles…) Sorrely has been parked for quite a few years now and Purple is somewhat the worse for wear, so i have been watching for another Suzuki for quite a while and had about given up as they are getting older and older and harder to find and when you do they are very high miles and they want a lot of money for them, so I had been looking for cheaper, good shape, older, smaller pickups….and guess what! I found another Suzuki! In good shape and not a bad price! So I rode along with Hope to Rapid yesterday morning, went and took it for a test drive and liked it so bought it and drove it home… we had 45 mph gusts from the northwest, so getting over 65 on the Interstate, going up hill, was a struggle, but it was fine on everything else. I fueled up in Sturgis, and again when I got to Punkin Center and got 31 mpg driving 65 on the way home… so, now I have a newer one that should last quite a few years… less than 100, 00 on it and it is RED! Woo hoo, my favorite color.. Not sure about a name yet… maybe Sorrely 2 or Dos for short…

It’s true, good things do come to those who wait!

6 thoughts on “When you find something you really like…

  1. You aren’t the only one! There is a farmer/stockman over by Dodge that as one for his field truck. All the windows are knocked out and there isn’t a straight body panel on it anymore, but it apparently keeps chugging along!

    My favorite Merchant of Death (who also farms) used to buy AMC Gremlins for much the same reason. When they died on the side of the road, though, he’d just pull his plates and go buy another. He said that the state came and hauled ’em off and he didn’t have to deal with it anymore, and he could get something newer. I think he finally ran out of a supply of Gremlins, and the HP finally contacted him about his abandoned vehicles.

    1. 91 Samuri I believe… just like my purple one… I really like them but if you are driving in town, you have to know they can turn on a dime and will on ice…

      1. Yup, the Sidekick… if you have a choice the newer ones with the 6 cylinder have more zip and still get good mileage..

  2. I like the looks of the Sami lots better and I know it is body on frame like a truck. What I’d really like is one with a VW diesel in it. 🙂

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