For the past week or so…

DSCN1163On top is the first one I got done     (posted after the first posting)

I have been trying to come up with nice looking patterns for belts and such, that are based on engraving, as these handy fellers do on silver and such… maybe scroll work is a better way to put it…they need to be fairly easy so i can do them fairly quickly, but still pop, stand out, see the details but also the over all effect…this is what I have come up with as my latest after lots of practice, trials and thrown away scraps of leather…

Many practice pieces, last one at top
Many practice pieces, last one at top


The bottom one is the one I will strive to copy…or at least make very similar

7 thoughts on “For the past week or so…

  1. Hello Rob – nice work, the engravers have a way of describing scrollwork by the coverage, e.g. 15%, 25% etc. Like Betty I think with this sort of work “less is more”.

    Got my cable rigged Half-Breed Aussie saddle on the Hawes tree done, rides great.

    Good to see your losses from the storm weren’t too severe, there are lots of farming folks down here very aware of the results from the storm and sharing the pain . . .


    1. Hi Foster, good to hear from you. Love to see a photo of your saddle if you have any… my email is if you could send one. Are you on Facebook? That is an easy way to share them also…thanks for worrying… that has been one of our biggest complaints with this storm, little to no coverage by any of the national media, I am surprised you folks even heard about it… many in this country didn’t…and thanks for the advice and input on the scroll work..

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