Not much…

To post on here, weather has been cold and warm, windy and calm…had some company on Sunday and then Fr Jim came for an early supper Sunday evening and then we went to the men’s fellowship we started a while back. Great group of guys and I think we are all much better for it… had several first timers and they all seemed to enjoy it…Fr Tyler came out just before dark with a new 223 and we had to put a few through it… seems to be fairly accurate…been working on some new designs for belts… Jeff Long came this afternoon and looked at the calves we will sell next week… Todd came and fixed the furnace again, hopefully this is the last time.. a board with all the circuits was loose…

3 thoughts on “Not much…

  1. Bolt gun or a black rifle? I just started the paperwork on a Ruger Ranch Rifle over the weekend. Kim says she wants to learn to shoot it too.

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