Took the tractor and went up west and dug around so cows could cross creeks easily and come home if this next weather coming in makes them drift… broke a hose on the bale unroller so had to go to Punkin Center to get that fixed..then a little after noon I hauled Delbert and his horse over to their summer range to try and find one of their calves who was wandering, we rode around, saw another couple people riding across from us on  Alum Creek and it was a neighbor, who called us n his cell phoe and told Delbert they had found the calf and had it on their side of the creek, which was bank full and getting higher… he will be fine there for awhile… when we went to come home my pickup didn’t want to start and we tinkered around, prayed and eventually it started.. some deal on the clutch evidently to keep you from starting it wIthout the clutch pressed down… stupid idiot features on these newer vehicles!  we came back to their corrals, I picked up two more horses to haul home and Delbert stayed to help load out cattle people were hauling home in pickups and trailers..when i got home Chance was here so he rode up west and I took the tractor and put out more feed to try and hold the cattle on the south side of the creek, in case it starts flooding with all the rain predicted to come tonight and tomorrow…when i got done, i came home, saddled Mijo and went up and we got them all shoved south, hopefully they will stay…supposed to hit tonight and big winds all day tomorrow with about 1.25 to 2 inches of rain…and so it goes…so sad to see all the dead cattle scattered and  hauled into huge piles over on the gumbo…

4 thoughts on “Tired…

  1. my Papaw used to say,”…when you lay your head down at night, and you know you have given it your all you’ll, never have a restless night’s sleep.”
    He used to sleep like a wet log…till about 3:45 am then he would start again, along with everybody else he had gotten up…

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