Another day….

Went out with the Case and moved some snow around so we could maybe ship cattle tomorrow… of course, after talking to the owners they decided to wait until sometime next week… we have rain and wind forecasted for Thursday night until, Friday night and then more rain Monday night with a little snow maybe…. as I told them, it’s your call, your the ones at risk…hopefully all will go well…

I saddled up this afternoon and me and Pilgrim and the dogs moved all the cattle into the west pasture… they were scattered all over, with many in the rocky hill pasture and back in to Harry’s as I had forgotten we had left the gate open into there, had to get some out of Cobb’s 3 fence crawlers who will burn in hell if I have any say in the matter and some yearlings… hopefully they just went back and weren’t there the whole time… if they were, I will have to try and pay Delbert something for their feed…

It was close to dark by the time I got everything the way i wanted it… ion the morning my plan is to go around some fences that are drifted over and do some sort of patching and get the cattle all fed along the creek and move all of them on the south side so if they drift they come back into the corrals and the big tree patch, hopefully it will hold them thru’ another blow… most of the drifts have shrunk a bunch and the rain should help to melt more away…sure wish I had a bigger pile of bales but thank the Lord and some good neighbors who were willing to put up this hay we have at least we have what we do, on hand…

More numbers of losses make me sick to the pit of my stomach and ache with pain for the losses for my friends and neighbors…

I was informed tonight I was rather cranky thru’ this blow, but I think they are mistaken. Far as I can tell I was no more cranky than usual! 😉

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