Praise the Lord!

He is kind and merciful to his faithful servants…. ( and even us sorry sinners!)

We are all fine and well. we came thru’ a historic major spring storm that just happened to come in early fall…we had over 2 inches of rain, switching to snow and got over 2 feet of heavy wet snow out here at this place…Hope was snowed in, in Rapid from Thursday until last night (Monday) Chance and kids and CJ, Hope’s sister were here with us all the way thru’ we lost power Friday morning and when we got home this evening just at dark, we have finally gotten power back.We had been in Rapid on Thursday to be with Cindy’s Mom, Karen and stayed with her at her bed side as she passed on to her reward. She was surrounded by her children, her husband and many grandchildren and great grandchildren…services will be at Kinkades in Sturgis on Monday at 2 pm.. her ashes will be interred in the spring at Ft. Pierre, Scotty Philip’s Cemetery……

We had all of out livestock next to and behind protection, but the yearlings wouldn’t stay so we brought them in her to the house and put them in the big tree patch. We had all the pairs in the hog pasture, just to the south of them. Just before dark, the yearlings broke out and got in with the pairs so Chance and I went and chased and fought and tried our damndest to get them back in to the tree belt. After about 2 hours we succeeded…we planned to drive the fence all thru’ the storm to try and hold them, but with record snowfall and winds gusting to 60 mph at least, we couldn’t see and could barely get around, even behind the shelter of the windbreak, so I sent him to be home with his children and we went to bed in the dark, listening to the howl of the wind… I put my faith in the Good Lord and he carried us through…the next morning when we could see, the cattle had all walked over the fence of the shelter belt but stopped at the barbed wire fence at the road…that evening as the wind died down, we went out, got the tractor started and fed them as best we could… they were so tired and worn out that mostly they just wanted a dry place to lay down… we opened the gate so they could go east as by then there were already bare patches on the wind facing slopes…we have been digging out and moving cattle around ever since…we had to put down one yearling who was down on the frozen ground with a broken pelvis or some such… I think we have a dead one who was sick and we left in shelter up[ the creek but we haven’t gotten back to check on him yet…we drove in to town to get the funeral arrangements made and try to settle up Karen’s affairs,on hiway 34, it is terrible, there are piles of dead cattle out on the gumbo, too thick to count as you drive by! I’ve heard of losses of 100 head in the town of New Underwood…

What a shame… people had not even had a chance to sell calves or bring cattle home from summer pasture, which is traditionally country that has little wind breaks and so is used in the summer and fall… people who did have cattle in what would be considered good wind breaks, and rougher more protected country, still had cattle drift and losses… there is no way of knowing how many we lost in this country, but they are talking tens of thousands…my heart goes out to those who are now trying to find cattle and deal with such horrific losses…

15 thoughts on “Praise the Lord!

  1. My condolences on the passing of Cindy’s mom.
    Yes, thank the good Lord that you made it through the storm with only minor losses, when so many had such great losses. I sure hope your government kicks in some disaster relief.

  2. Glad to see you are posting again, was worried about you and yours. Sounds like you were luckier than some of your neighbors.

  3. Our hearts and prayers were with you, and are. I am so sorry for all that has transpired, but filled with joy to know that you are all all right. Take care…

  4. Our sympathies to Cindy, you and your family..
    Was concerned when we heard of the bad weather you was having……so glad that you made it thru, but so sorry to hear of the losses that the ranchers have suffered.

  5. Robert,
    You and your family as well as your neighbors have been in our thoughts and prayers. As the the tales of devastation are passed along to this area we are shocked and saddened. We were on the south edge of it all and it is hard to fathom that the little skiff of snow here was the edge of disaster.
    So glad you are all safe and had minimal losses. Though, all losses are hard felt.
    Our condolences to the family for the loss of Cindy’s mother.

  6. Robert, Cindy and family: I’m sorry to hear of the loss of Cindy’s mother. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers at this time. I was very sorry also to hear about the early blizzard. I pray that your family and livestock will be safe from here on.

  7. My sympathy to your family, you had a tough couple of weeks. There sure isn’t much on the news about that big storm, I am so glad you didn’t lose any cattle. The weather seems kind of strange..hope you weather the next storm okay:)

    1. Thank you… no, I am sure there were not enough city people impacted… most people could care less about what happens in this country around here unless it has direct impact on them… if this should impact the price of beef, then they will care…

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