Here and there..

I took off about noon on Friday and headed to Hot Springs. Got my room, met up with friends and proceeded to have fun at the Badger Clark Gathering…. Had a great show on Saturday night and a great open mic session on Friday night. Nice crowd, about like we always get… I’d taken my pickup over to Punkin Center on Thursday and had the tires changed out, winter ones on summer ones off… I noticed on the drive down that the pickup was driving a little wonky, but thought perhaps it was just the way it was with the winter tread tires on it… On Saturday morning Paul Larson followed me to the cafe for breakfast and told me there was something wrong with my passenger side rear tire. I walked out to check it and when i kicked it, it wiggled… long story short, I had to pop the hub cap off and tighten all the lug nuts… I talked the boss where they did the work and he has new lug bolt, nuts and a rim ordered… just a oversight… could happen to anyone, but sure glad I caught it before it came off, especially while pulling a trailer.. Cindy’s Mom went to the hospital in an ambulance on Saturday morning, she had a stroke but is doing as well as can be expected…

9 thoughts on “Here and there..

  1. I always make the tire stores put the lugnuts back on by hand. I don’t keep an impact wrench in the vehicle.
    Prayers for Mz Cindy’s mom…

  2. We’ll say a prayer for Cindy’s Mother.
    That could have been a real mess if that tire would have came off…..I hate the fact that a person pays to have a professional do a job and it is screwed up anyway.

  3. hope that you and your outfit weathered the storm ok, sounds like it was a doozy. i’ll keep praying for you

  4. I talked to Robert today on the phone. Sounds like they were pretty well prepared and then got real lucky besides. Doesn’t sound like he lost too much stock. I sure hope his neighbors came out ok too.

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