Started last night with wind and lightning.. not much rain in it but then this morning it set in and just quit about 5 pm… maybe got an inch or better.. I drove out and slipped and slid around in Purple and checked the cows and calves… seen one the other day who looked like he wanted to have an ear down, but couldn’t find him today, tho’ I did find another one who almost acts like he could have an ear down…Saturday I drove down to Custer and watched Gabe in a football game. This is their first year as a team and they haven’t been fairing too well, but they led this 6 to zip until the 4th quarter when the other team scored 7… oh well, they are young and still learning…

Hot Springs is this weekend, cracking open Friday night at Woolies and then on Saturday morning, afternoon and evening at the Mueller center..gonn’a be a blast!

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