I left Friday afternoon and headed to Ft Pierre. Got there and went to the jam that night and then we performed on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon I had a talk to do for the Art’s Council on Tuesday morning so just stayed over. Got to listen to the Symphony on Monday evening and then I and several others had a jam session. Met a lot of new folks and had a good time. got home Tuesday afternoon/evening…then yesterday morning I ran in to the Hills. I had a checkup with the doc and some tests which all went smooth. I also got my new glasses, that were replaced when the others got scratched up, adjusted…we had a strong wind and a short burst of rain with a little hail come thru’ yesterday evening. then I had a gig around a campfire last night and never got home until the wee hours this morning…. I can’t seem to get enough sleep of late. be nice to get back on a regular schedule… cooler today, I had to start the pellet stove..

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