More cattle work

Went and helped Cobb’s work their calves yesterday.. they had their new chute, Clint and Delbert built last winter and it sure is handy. I am trying to make a trade with Clint to build me something similar…I went to get the Range Well readings this morning and look at calves and fix some fence but forgot a pen or pencil so just looked at calves and fixed some fence… and found some ripe plums so ate them…Cindy and Hope made some wild plum syrup and man is it good on ice cream! I love wild plums and anything made from them…I went to Punkin Center and got a new gate for the sorting alley/round corral… need Chance t help me unload and drag it over to where i will hang it or get the loader tractor and move it…picked up Gus from the bus this afternoon as Cindy was at work, Hope and Chance were working on her bakery and had taken Addy and Sam with them…last weekend Hope and sisters and friend went to a Christian Womens retreat of some sort. it was the first time for Addy Bear to be without her Mom ad it went real well. Sunday afternoon Cindy walked up to their house and Hope wasn’t home yet. Addy Bear came over and placed her hands on Cindy’s knee and calmly said, “Mommy is dead.” Cindy assured her she wasn’t but nope, she was convinced she was…where do they get this stuff? Got a gig with Cowboy Culture this Saturday evening at thew Pierre Opera House as part of their Heritage of the West  this weekend. Ought to be fun…Hopefully I will see some of you there…

3 thoughts on “More cattle work

  1. Tell Dilbert howdy for me.

    >>but forgot a pen or pencil
    Was your phone in your pocket? Seems you could have taken notes on it.

    >>Hope and Chance were working on her bakery
    In Sturgis right? I can only imagine the request the’ll get next August when the population surges for a week or two. 🙂

    >>“Mommy is dead.” …where do they get this stuff?
    Hmmm if I had to guess… big brothers? 😉

  2. Nope, in Rapid… she may have to shut down for a week!

    Yup, I am betting her brothers, but why? Didn’t have a phone… wouldn’t have been smart enough to use it anyway! 😀

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