Been in the upper 90’s since the Artist Ride started. Of course, when your on the river and having fun it isn’t so bad but when you come back to the real world and work, you notice those kinds of things.. or at least I do. Probably wouldn’t seem so bad but lots of humidity with all the rains and green grass we have, but I ain’t complaining about that! I’ll take it, this too shall pass…

I got all the boards tore off the old alley fence I replaced with logs and the planks and put them here and there, kind of stored the best stuff, pulled all the posts and I now have a wider sorting alley… we’ll see if that is an improvement. Now I need to replace a gate and it ought to be good for a few years, barring any major wrecks. 

Came in to cool off a bit…should go work on some leather projects I guess, seeing it is hot out..

Busy weekend coming up. Cowboy Culture has gigs at Chute Rooster on Friday night, at 7 o’clock, Lead Opera House on Saturday night at 7 o’clock and from 1 until 4 o’clock at the base of Devil’s Tower on Sunday… Hopefully we will have some nice crowds… after that we are at Pierre for their Heritage Festival on the weekend of the 15th and then Paul and I will be at Hot Springs the 27th and 28th.

We are working calves here on Saturday the 7th, so I sure have plenty to do…

2 thoughts on “Hot!

  1. Sounds like you have been busy. But you generally stay busy all the time!
    Was going to leave for the weekend this afternoon but grandson’s 1 st football game tonight in 7 th grade! Man, my son is sure getting old!
    You have a great weekend! Thanks again for the book!

  2. What a busy schedule you keep! Wish we lived closer so we could come to the shows, they are always so good. Hopefully the heat breaks before the weekend!

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