Well, we had a blast, as usual. Chance and family and I went down Wednesday afternoon and Dusty and Tris went along and camped with us also. Cindy got Gabe on Thursday evening and came down. Hot, by and large, but it usually is. There had been a l;ittle change in managing it so everyone was wondering, but it turned out great. More mellow it seemed. fewer artists than the year before, but still more than many years. Fewer models, but still more than enough. We had some new artists and some old, new models and old and everyone worked together and i think the artists were pleased. We took 4 horses and two ponies and a pony colt and they worked out well. Had one scene where Gus and Sam all dressed in woolies, scotch hobbled the pony, blindfolded it and one hung on the head while the other mounted and took the blinds off. No bucking, but that was okay. We did the same with a horse.. again, no bucking and of course not Sam or Gus, but Chance and Dusty.

A great time and we are already thinking about some new stuff for next year.

I never took any photo’s but here is one Hope took for me. I put my bedroll on Beaver like the old timers did it when traveling across country repping, with no pack saddle, just the bed roll tied on with a rope. This is how a cowboy would carry his worldly possessions and “40 years gatherings” when he went from one job to another. When repping they would also have their string of horses, tied together or just drive them along in a bunch.