Labor Day

Well, we survived! Cowboy Culture, that is. Paul and Ken and I did three in a row. Hill City, Lead and Devils Tower… had wonderful folks show up and had a great time… out next gig is at Pierre on Saturday September 14 as part of their Heritage show. All of it kicks off on Friday. Last year was their first year and it was great. We sure are tickled to be a part of this years….there is all kinds of stuff going on with an open mic Jam on Friday evening, that ought to be fun…

Cindy and Hope are planning plum picking and tomato canning today. Cindy’s sister Cathy and her husband Gordy may come out for the evening. Tate and Kass are talking of coming out and Fr Tyler is already here, so it sounds like we may have some fun!

I have to head south Tuesday evening to help Marty and Jeremy brand some summer calves on Wednesday…We are working calves her on Saturday and sounds like we have a good sized crew coming to help…I suppose I need to get a few things fixed up and ready before that… need to go ride on yearlings, ain’t done that in a couple days…

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