Went out this afternoon and got the run away ponies in ( they have been crawling under the wire and grazing in the yard, so I have been shooting them in the butt with a BB gun. So then they went across the road to lush green feed) I got a new set of stirrup leathers made for the pony saddle so we had to try it out. Gus rode, then Sam and then Gramma brought Addy Bear… Addy was riding and the little mare was real calm, but when I swished a flag that she had been ignoring before, she jumped and Addy Bear hit the dirt! Poor little kid. Landed hard and scared her more than hurt her, but I made her get back on and set there until she calmed down so she would see it doesn’t always happen like that…but I am afraid she is soured on ponies for a bit…

5 thoughts on “Dang!

  1. She will remember but it is good you put her back on. She will be ok in a bit.
    You are one busy rancher/grandpa!

  2. Some have good results to go back on with somone else first and then put her back on by herself , start over and over until it is no more big deal. hugs !

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