Been trying to get stuff ready for the artist Ride, Finished up a pair of chaps for a guy down there, finished up a pair of woolies for the grandkids and made a new pair for me and Chance… Fixed up an older saddle too…Cindy and I ran down to Rapid yesterday afternoon and bought a new phone as the answering machine on our old one quit working…Then we went to my 86 year old Aunt’s wedding, didn’t look to be a shotgun affair… 😉 I asked if they the church made them take family planning courses and she said seeing as between them they had 11 children, they let them pass… LOL

We had a real strong brief wind go thru’ this morning, kind of a mini tornado, it knocked the electricity out here so I went up to Chance and Hopes and called them and stayed for lunch, excellent! Indian Taco’s. Brad was down visiting so when Chance and Sam and I rode out to check yearlings he rode along.. he even got to rope one with Chance.. I doctored him… I think they planned it that way.The guys from the electric company came down and got the thing fixed that made the electricity go off, so we are back in business!