and overcast this morning…Tate, Kass and kids just left…. they took Cindy’s Mom home on their way. She had ridden out with Cindy on Thursday evening after Cindy got off from work…we all went to Ft Pierre for the Memorial service of Ruby, Cindy’s Gramma…. most of her cousins and all of her aunts and uncles were there…so she enjoyed visiting with them all… we left after some lunch and visiting and stopped and got a dart gun and more expensive miracle drugs. When we got home Chance and I took the new dart gun out for a test drive, doctoring a bull with foot rot…also a calf with a bad eye…it’s not as handy as roping and doctoring, but you don’t have to run them around if they have some respiratory sickness, so that should make it better for them… kind of expensive, the darts cost about 5 bucks a piece and the ,medicine costs about 500 bucks for 100 cc bottle… so you sure don’t want to miss and waste it!

One thought on “Cool

  1. Sorry for Cindy’s loss. I miss both my grannies. One lived here in Texas and the other moved to Wyoming when I was around 3. We went my Texas grandmother’s every Sunday after church. Had 10 cousins who live where she did. So us 3 girls grew up playing with our cousins each weekend. Lots of homemade ice cream on the porch, china berry fights & two of 5 boys played steel guitars on the front porch while we all sat out on the front yard! Lots of great memories.
    My other granny in Wyoming, we went each summer and tent camped in the Tetons with my 2 cousins in my Dad’s side. Lots of campfires & fishing and playing in the creeks, picking wild strawberries and listening to tales of my grandmother when she was little!
    Grannies are “special”, or that was the way I was raised! Of course so were grandpaws! Lots of memories with them too! Glad Cindy got to visit with her cousins and her mom getting to come there to visit.
    Thanks for sharing your ranching adventures! Enjoy them!
    Have a Blessed week!

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