Been coming down hard as i set here… a regular frog drowner, toad strangler…

Yesterday Cindy and I took a horse up to Dustin to ride awhile… not sure why, I can’t seem to get any miles on the last two i got home from him… we came back by Newell and ate an early supper at the Blue Line in Newell… the new road guy over in that neck of the woods is doing a good job looks like, now if Butte county would get some gravel and a blade out on their portion…I ran down to CRS and got some feed for cat’s, dogs, horses, and a calf this afternoon after dinner, then Cindy went with me and we hauled salt out to the yearlings… Hope took the kids to town today, poor ol’ Sam had to have a bunch of dental work done and the way one of my tooth is feeling, I better try and get in to a dentist in the next few days…I love rain, even with a leak i can’t seem to stop, in my roof… 🙂

3 thoughts on “Rain!

  1. Nope, only rode him twice all summer, been concentrating on Pilgrim….seeing as you won’t come ride him… 😉 He is getting to be a dirty good booger…

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