Still doctorin’…

I borrowed the neighbors dart gun as a few of these yearlings seem to be having some respiratory trouble and I didn’t want to run them, so I just drove up and shot them with high priced miracle drugs, fairly close… rode out around the pairs this afternoon and I got a bull who is getting a sore foot, but I am out of the magical drug that you shoot in the gun, so will get more tomorrow and do him then…it works but it expensive but then magical miracle stuff always is, isn’t it?
We are going to Ft Pierre for a memorial service for Cindy’s Gramma, tomorrow… she passed away last winter but they are finally getting around to burying her.. or her ashes, at least…

Several of us went up and watched the bronc riding in Faith last night. Rusty Wright won it. 17 year old son of the world champion of this past year…good broncs and good riders for the most part…

Been getting some rain showers pretty much every day here for the past week, some places getting goods rains some just showers… sure is green! These pictures don’t show it truly…



5 thoughts on “Still doctorin’…

  1. Maybe expensive, but I bet it is nice not having the cattle get all excited. One thing I miss about the mid-west and that is the rodeo’s. They were a lot better than the ones in this area and I got to go to them a lot more often than I do now. Nice looking herd of cattle!

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