Finally! I hooked up the team to the dump rake and got the hay out behind the house all raked into windrows…not very good hay but something will eat it this winter I bet… I may go back and rake it into big piles… I need a horse sweep… Roz’s eye still looks bad but she seems to have a bit of peripheral vision out of it. She did fine, but I am afraid it will never be the same… dang i hate that. Cindy keeps after me to drive the young mare but a dump rake ain’t no place to ride out a runaway.,.. I plan on using Wren with Ron this winter on the bale wagon… I should hook them to the bob sled and get some fat and sweat off from them…wouldn’t be to bad if I had someone to go along for wrecks and gates… I also got the hay out across the road rakes up and it started to sprinkle just as i was getting done, still haven’t decided if it’s worth the work and time to get the hay out of the road ditches… sure wish i’d gotten a sweep made this spring…

5 thoughts on “Raking

  1. I must have missed it but what happened to Roz’s eye? Do you bale the hay or make hay stacks or doodles with it. My dad used to make big hay stacks but I think it is a dying art.

    1. She got a nick in the skin on the corner of her eye and got infection, I doctored and doctored, but it wasn’t any use… Last tie I did this I raked them into big piles and left them for thew cattle to eat, they cleaned them clear to the ground… also i raked the road ditch then pitched it onto a low wagon, hauled it in and made a stack from it but i have quite a few things to get done so am not sure if i should take the time, no more than there is, i do not have a baler…

  2. We were able to get all our hay in but the baler broke and had a heck of a time finding a belt, so we got about 1/2 the field in square bales and had to call our farmer friend to put the rest up in round bales. I hate round bales because they rot before horses can get it eaten and the steers at this point are still too small to eat all that hay. So, we put them in the Horse, weaving barn and now I have an isle that is about 5 feet across and narrows down to about 2 feet on the other end of the barn. We decided that we will empty the square bales out and put the round bales up right in the barn and just feed off the round by fork full. (not going to be any fun!) I sure hope you can get her eye healed up! I can’t imagine having to deal with a sore eye on a horse, I have had to deal with other things that would prefer not to, but I guess if you have animals that is a given, no matter what.

    1. Lisa, can’t you put some cheap plastic tarps over your big rounds to keep them from spoiling… and when you feed them, can’t you set them up on some old platforms made from wooden pallets? Or build a feeder to get it up off the ground with a cover on it? We seldom get enough moisture to ruin much, but we got a nice rain last night…

  3. One year we did store our rounds outside on plastic and covered them in plastic, but the winds and weather really destroyed it and we lost a lot of bales doing it that way. We thought about building something to put them under for feeding, but the time factor is big. The hubby seems to always have other projects going and then of course working during the week and being gone all the time. But it was a thought and a good idea.

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