Yesterday Gus stayed with me and we went up and got the two colts Dusty and Tris were riding… Brody and Crackerjack…We dug out holes and set posts in the afternoon/evening…found a stinkin’ salamander! Yuck!

I had to go to Punkin Center this morning and get a big railroad tie to set at t gate to re-hang it..I went out this afternoon to set it and the tractor wouldn’t start so i re-set the charger and then saddled Brody, worked him a bit in the corral and then headed south, lots of weaving back and forth but rode most of it at a trot…found one at least that needs to be doctored for a bad eye…so now I have the tractor running and the post on but Cindy made me stop and come in to eat… after i will go set the post…

3 thoughts on “Colts..

  1. I hope you can answer a question for me. My son wants to get his girlfriend a nicer saddle than the one she has for Christmas this year. I always rode bareback and gave away all my saddles, so despite always having had horses I don’t know beans about them. What he would like to know, if you don’t mind, is if a fiber glass tree is an okay thing. Any other tips would be welcome as well. Thanks in advance.

    1. Mostly generally, with saddles, you get what you pay for…most people who ride much shy away from fiberglass tree’s…the ones I make on the LaPorte trees seem to be fine, but they have been constantly working and adjusting them with lots of feed back… it’s always amazed me all the people who make trees and saddles who do not ride or even are around horses…the main thing is the tree needs to fit the horse and the saddle needs to fit the rider…if you want cheap you are not going to get very good results… if you only ride on occasion and your horse is not in shape, nor the person riding, your going to have problems…find someone in your area who has horses and is knowledgeable, take the horse she is going to ride to them, try out some different saddles and see what fits the horse and the rider, would be my advise…a custom made saddle would be the best choice, but not the cheapest..

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