I have went to three in the last week, fist Rod McQueary’s, then Jerry Croft’s and today, Dan Wicks…lot’s of people at these last two… which is to be understood, Jerry and Dan had lot’s of friends… so did Rod, but this was the second memorial for Rod there had also been a couple in Nevada, not too long after his passing…when we took Dan t the grave site at Red Owl, there was a procession several miles long…Dan had been fighting Lou Gehrig’s for 3 years, so he suffers no more…Jerry too had suffered a long time in a hospital, but only the family was aware of it…Rod wasn’t too long suffering in a hospital…all were men I enjoyed immensely…all were not perfect, but a joy to be around…they will all be missed, but will be remembered… I guess that is about the best any of us can hope for…

3 thoughts on “Memorials

  1. So sorry for your losses. But so glad for their reward and Thankful for your memories. Memories are a Blessing given to all of us, at the passing of the person we have had the pleasure of making those memories. We all have been given a “path”. Some paths are long and some short. And sharing that path is a wonderful gift. So sit back and enjoy the gift of memories. Then go about making memories for your path to be shared with others.

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