Maybe there is such a thing ads too much of a good thing….Chance and Hope had a party on Saturday afternoon, I had a coupler friends come out to join in…. one brought Gin and Tonic and the other Whiskey and pickle juice….. I am afraid that the combination wasn’t very good, tho’ the G$T tasted good at the time and the W$ PJ wasn’t bad, but in the future I shall not mix the two… I seemed to have a sickness the next morning, even to’ I did not imbibe too much and quit early (I had Mass on Sunday at 8 and had to prepare the music) I wasn’t real sick, just a bit off…..We have a young neighbor who came over with a swather last evening and made a round on a field he is going to hay for us… we got about a half inch of rain, at least, so it was a good thing… should have cut some quicker! I got the old 756 running and the mower on it… I am not liking this Case tractor, wish someone would come along who does like them, I would sell it and start looking for something more my speed…the mower needed a new guard and hold down so I ran to CBH at Punkin Center, but they didn’t have the correct guard so I welded the old one… hopefully it will work until I can get a new one ion town somewhere…had a guy haul me out a load of bigger pine logs on Sunday afternoon that I am going to use to fix on my corral… they still have the bark on so i tried to take it off with a pressure washer as I had been told, some do… evidently they have a much larger and more powerful pressure washer, so I went out with a flat nosed spade… that is a lot of work! So I think they will go up with the bark on and let the horse help to remove it and work on the bark removal bit by bit after the logs are up…the horses got into the saddle barn so I ran them out, picked up a bunch of stuff that was knocked down and went looking for the culprit who left the gate open, all evidence pointed at Gabe so he went to clean it up, until Chance showed up and took the blame, seems he had got some wood out of it and forgot to latch the gate, so an apology to Gabe was in order and then we older guys clean a bunch of dried manure and junk on the floor out, while sifting thru’ it for odds and ends that got knocked down…when we got done I was hot and dusty to stripped down and jumped in the pool… all the little boys joined me and even Gramma for a bit but she is kind of a wussy and don’t like splashing of cool water… so she quit us. I cam in and showered and shaved and am trying to figure out a slick way to haul all these bales we are going to get, with my team… I think it would be an excellent job for them young ones, especially as Roz has a bad eye, she hurt it slightly a couple weeks ago and I have been doctoring her every day and putting her in the barn out of the sun, but it is a slow healing process and I don’t think she will regain full sight, tho’ it looks like she will be able to see a little out of it… time will tell…

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