I’ll be darned…

This evening Chance and two of the minions and I rode down to move steers and doctor any that needed it.. found a dead one, must have been lightning…found one who had a bad eye, so Chance slips up and sneaks a nice head shot on, I wave a hip shot on as he blows by, but can’t keep my dallies,. my two rein horse was not responding as I had hoped…. I get off, pick up my rope, get back on Pilgrim and snag one hind foot and we stretch him out and get short, then Chance ties the hind feet together after throwing his rope down, and goes to doctoring on him while me and Pilgrim hold the hind feet, about that time I look up and there are a bunch of steers standing close watching, one had managed to pick up the coils of Chances rope around one front foot and had it snugged up tight, he goes to backing up to get away from it and he was better at holding the head than lots of horses! I turned loose of the feet and he even drug the tied steer by the head for a little ways, Chance cuts the rope, we turn the doctored steer loose and the rope is off the other steers front foot just laying in the grass…never seen nuthin’ like that before!

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