When Fr Tyler was out the other day he introduced me to Gin and Tonic….a fine drink! So yesterday evening, i was hot, so almost filled a glass with ice, poured the last little bit of gin over it, and the tonic water and some lime juice..Excellent! then I decided to go ride….. man, I was about half lit! I had a new bit to try on Pilgrim, he loved it so I do too….there were some yearlings where they were not supposed to be, so we put them where they were supposed to be. Then this morning Chance and Hope told of seeing yearlings in our pasture which isn’t supposed to have yearlings… so me and Gus and Gabe rode down and put them back. Again, Pilgrim likes the bit….Cooler with a south east breeze. Gramma brought home a used inflatable pool for the kids and they are all clammering to get to use it, but do not understand how cold the water is…they shall learn, I am sure…. ๐Ÿ™‚

The new bit..

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