The car

Is fine… the mechanic called and the last place to change oil hadn’t tightened the oil filter enough so it was leaking around it a bit…I paid the bill then took the receipt to the oil changing place. they right away said they’d pay that bill, I told them, I already had, and that I would need more than just that, seeing as I had to make two trips to town to get her and take her back, we are waiting on the boss to come back from vacation to settle it up…..damn right we will settle it up! So then afterwords we went to get my new phone going, but they people at Verizon couldn’t do it and gave me a number to call… ended up having to go back to Wally world to get it taken care of and no one can swap over the old phone numbers I have in the old phone to the new one…. guess we will do it by hand, the hard way. I had some stuff to get to Dusty and Tris, so they met us in Spearfish, we had a nice supper, gave them the stuff then headed over and visited with Fr Tyler and Monsignor for a bit then home…we have to meet up with an insurance guy tomorrow as we are insuring the market for the calves this fall… new to us, but sounds alright to me and chance… the girls ain’t to sure….sure been feeling like summer the past few days, up in the 80’s…lots of hay getting rolled up around the country…

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