Busy morning!

We got two extra grandsons last night as their mom had to run their sister to the hospital as she has rsvp or something and she wasn’t responding at home (she is back home now, looks like, I left them alone as they probably both need the rest), so….we got the calf fed on a bottle, she was up and around and leaving all kinds of tracks in the kitchen…then we hauled her back to mama, another cows was there also and the calf was having problems figuring out who to suck, but we left them to sort it out as mama is a touch wild…..we got home and found a yearling out, so we chased him in and then went and opened gates so they could go to fresh grass, then headed to the house and scrubbed and mopped the floor and then pancakes and bacon were demanded by the crew, got them all fed, dishes washing and they are watching a movie while I collect my wits, a full time job, it seems….

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