Here and there..

Spayed pasture heifers yesterday morning , then Gabe and I took off for where Dusty works to help them brand their heifer bunch… we got Gabe on Sunday.. not sure how long he’s staying but I intend to get lots of work out of him! We got home a bit before midnight this morning… I went to town this morning and did some appointments, got home this afternoon and we went and checked on the spayed wild heifers, one is missing, but then she went AWOL yesterday when they turned her out of the chute. These heifers seem to be a cross of Saler, Limmy and antelope!
Then we drove up to check cows, found a dead calf belonging to a heifer and looks like she was at it quite awhile, maybe backwards, he was laying there with his head underneath of him.. then found another young cow with a weird calf who keeps trying to flop on his one side and won’t stay on the other. we have her in the house now, put some milk and fake colostrum down her, but if she doesn’t improve I bet she dies… not a great day for calving….but only a few left…there was one with a nice normal calf, alive, so one out of three is batting 333 I guess….it’s so green around here it almost hurts your eyes….

One thought on “Here and there..

  1. Sorry to hear about the calves, never nice to lose them. If your eyes are going to hurt, it sure is a nice hurt to have!

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