7 thoughts on “Pictures from lately…

  1. You still have snow, yuck! But I think that now our mud season is here, I almost prefer snow! I love that top picture, but may I ask what it is?

    1. A checkbook cover for my middle son…I will take this and another foot or two of snow, if that is what it takes to get some moisture in this dry ol’ country…mud don’t last long around here…dust does…by the way, I can not comment on your blog as i can’t get past the word verification deal…

  2. Beautiful leatherwork. Love your cat. Didn’t get much snow in my part of NJ, so I liked looking at yours. I was shocked a few years ago when, at the end of April, it snowed in SD.

    1. Thank you!

      Cathy, it is not unusual to get snow into May in these parts… My Father saw it snow on the 4th of July when he was a child…

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