Storm… continued

Went out and fed a bale to the cows…seems like they appreciated it…no calves yet today as I write this at 4 pm…I went out about an hour ago, fed them another bale and a half,. fed some to the horses in the corral and outside, swapped out horses for tonight…I fed one of the last bales i bought that they didn’t seem to like and they are eating at it now! Amazing how the temps makes that work! I’ll go back out just before dark. Kept Mijo up for my night horse, we’ll see how that works out! 🙂

7 PM UPDATE…. Just came in from checking cows, No calves. I gave them a stern talking to and told them to hold of and cross their legs… they are a pretty good bunch of cows so I am sure they will listen to me…. I will check about 10/11 and then Chance will check at 1 and I will check at 4 or 5…

11 PM….. Just came back. No calves and about 3 inches of fresh snow, wind seems to have gone down a bit and is out of the north/northwest…

4 AM WEDNESDAY…Looks like it’s over with… No new calves, cows lying down chewing their cuds and we have over a foot of snow for sure now…just a light breeze coming in now…as spring storms go, this one was pretty good…only one calf, we saved him and we got some good moisture and not real hard winds…

3 thoughts on “Storm… continued

    1. It is spring now! It was a spring storm and sure not a very bad one for us…officially at Red Owl, they had 13 inches, but like most things from the government, including their way of measuring snowfall, I don’t believe it, I say we got a foot and a half… and loved every inch of it! Praise the Lord!

      Supposedly Rapid City got 20 inches…

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