Went out to check cows a bit after 6 this morning and found a heifer who was calving and nothing showing. So I drove up and told Chance to get the corrals and shed ready for her and saddled up Mijo and rode out and drove her in slow. we got her caught and tied up, reached in and the front feet were there but seemed a little big. Been so long since I had to pull a calf out of a cow I had about lost my judgment as to what is big and what isn’t… we worked on pulling the calf for awhile and couldn’t even get the head into the birth canal so called a feller up who can do C section, he came down and we put a zipper in her! Calf didn’t make it…sure hope it was fluke as this is the first heifer to calve and we got 20 more…..the bull we used to AI these heifers had a 59 pound birth weight so I think it was just a fluke… we will find out soon enough. I hooked up the team and fed then Dean came down and rode with Chance and I to Punkin’ Center for the pancake feed. Visited a bit and got some odds and ends, came home, had a short snooze and then did a little leatherwork and then me and Sam and Gus feed hay for the send time today. Put the cattle in a little lot next to the house so we can watch these heifers closer in the night in case another one has problems..an old cow calved today so we got 2 live ones anyway… odds are in our favor! 🙂 After I turned the team loose Chance had run the horses in so we could catch a night horse up so I caught Crackerjack and worked with him a bit, got on and rode him around in the round pen. He never even humped… I believe he will make a kid horse eventually…wet and sloppy, I love it! We got some rain and a few more snow flakes this afternoon, hope it stays wet. More miserable for calving but if we don’t get moisture there is no sense in having any cattle around….

2 thoughts on “Dang…

  1. Never easy loosing calf, but hopefully the others will have no problems! Sending luck for more wet weather for you, I’ll send you some of ours.

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