Supposed to be coming in…. maybe a foot of snow and winds to 35 mph…we have some light drizzle, the ground is wet and the grass is short but green. As long as it’s wet and amounts to some moisture I sure ain’t going to complain…Cindy rode along and we lured the cows into the lanes and lots behind the house. Fed them a couple bales so now we wait and check on them, nothing looks real close to calving but we should be getting some at any time…might be a long night as Chance will whine if we don’t keep an eye on them…. suppose his banker would too! ๐Ÿ™‚


It’s begun, got the first calf. Went out just before dark and a red old cow of Chances had a char x calf. Just looked and put the bulls in on the 9th of July….bred the heifers on the 14th of July, so they should be coming any time also…Chance and I went and got him in the sled with our horses and put him and his mama in the shed….. winds blowing, it’s snowing, yup, it calving season in April in SD! ๐Ÿ™‚

11 PM….. Calf is up sucking, got lots of snow, cows are weathering it fine…..

5 AM TUESDAY THE 9th….Went out at 5 and no calves. Cattle are laying down behind some mounds I have built up over the years out of old hay and manure, downwind form shelterbelts..also a woodpile I have built up… snowy but chewing their cuds…feels like the wind might have dropped a touch, but not by much. Chance went out while I slept and left me a note that all was well…getting some drifts in the flat area’s and it’s harder to drive a pickup around…. I will go out after daylight and feed some hay and then also probably feed more in the afternoon/evening….

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