Hope gave me a ride in to town the other day and i brought the car home that Chance had been using while getting is pickup’s fixed. Then she gave me a ride in on Saturday so i could meet up with Cindy and we went to Rapid so we could set up and do the show at the Dahl in Rapid last night. We had a over flowing crowd, they had to set up more chairs and they were great. They seemed to think Paul and ken and I did a good job and we sure got a lot of nice comments. It was great. Nice to work in front a nice people like we had. We spent the night at the Alex Johnson motel and took off a little after 6 this morning and headed for Custer to watch Gabe, our oldest grandson have his First Communion, at the church. We stayed around afterwords and visited and played with the kids. I took a snooze, seeing as I barely slept the night before and Tate made biscuits and gravy for lunch. We drove in rain off and on in the Hills and the step is wet outside right now…We are supposed to have rain and snow and wind the next few days, hope we get a bunch of moisture out of it…

One thought on “Runnin’

  1. Congratulations on your show! Hope to get to one of them. We really enjoyed the one you had at the Caddilac Ranch. Proud of you JB, keep up the good work. ~katie

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