A day off

For the horses.. I took Cindy in this morning and dropped her off and then drove on to Rapid and met a young couple who are moving to Montana from New york, I’d met Luke on the Ranching Country board and we’d done some trading… nice young folks with a real cute little blond haired daughter…we had breakfast and then they took off and I went in to Rapid and did some business. Headed back to Sturgis and did some more business and then ate a bite and drove to Cindy’s job and parked, read on a book for a bit and then took a nap. She woke me up when she got off work. When we got home I took the tractor, some bean and a bale up and fed the cows and then went on up to Harry’s and did some dirt work where a gate on a hill is getting blowed out… Had a bunch of curious cattle watch me haul dirt in to the washout… came home and here it is evening. I think a day off for Wren might be a good thing. Yesterday I took the tractor up and worked on a creek crossing…moisture in the ground, but not sure how deep. Looks like we got some chances for a little rain coming in, in the next week. Cowboy Culture has out first show at the Dahl in Rapid City on Saturday evening. Hope to see some of you there…

One thought on “A day off

  1. All the way from New York to Montana, that is a long ways to move. Wish I could talk the hubby into that kind of move. I am beginning to really hate the state of NY! Taxes and gun laws are getting pretty darn bad, but I guess every state has its downfalls. Hope everything is doing good at the ranch!

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