Aptil Fools….

It was the weather this year. March came in like a lamb and went out like a lamb…sure fooled us!

I went out this afternoon and hooked Wren and Ron to the chariot and off we went… made about a 4 to 5 miles circle up around the north end of the place…About 2 miles into it Wren started to calm down a bit… she still jumped a little when Buck came running up from her blind spot, but she was much better by the time we got back. I ever get her as solid as Ron, man am I going to have a team! I think the next trip they need to pull the little disc with a 5 foot section of rigid harrow on the back… that disc is cool as it has a seat and you can either leave the disc blades straight so it pulls pretty easy, or start angling them to get more of a bite and some drag… Lord knows there are plenty of cow chips around that can be harrowed! And you can see them for a long ways as there ain’t much grass to hide them! Next thing I will have to do is get the other filly going and hook 4 abreast on the 10 foot tandem disc! 🙂

Also, while I got nice weather- really nice today a little cooler, but not much for a breeze- I need to get to riding some of these horses and get them going to where a grand kid can ride them…. sure wish they’d grow up and take over that chore! 😀

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